community guidelines

*heart wide open* Community Guidelines (as of fall 2017):

Below are some thoughts on how we want to be with ourselves and with each other, in order to create events and gatherings where we cultivate a fertile and nurturing environment for exploring community-supported personal transformation and the power of bringing both heartfulness and mindfulness into our everyday lives.

These guidelines have been co-created by *heart wide open* participants, and are alive (continually evolving to meet the needs of the community). To dialogue about anything written here, please connect with us.

  • enter the gathering space mindfully
  • be as fully present as possible
  • know that everything is an invitation, not a requirement
  • share airtime (take turns speaking and listening)
  • speak in 1st person about our own feelings, ideas, observations, experiences etc., rather than someone else’s
  • embrace silence (and stillness)
  • be mindful of other people’s space (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual)
  • welcome and hold space for each others emotions as well as ideas
  • honour other people’s personal stories and observe deep confidentiality
  • celebrate showing up!